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The Head Masters Hair Design Group is made up of two salons in Hampshire, England. Our salons are located in:

  • Stubbington
  • Bishop's Waltham
  • We ensure that we understand your needs completely and deliver them to the highest possible standard...

    Every appointment comes with a full consultation as standard and we genuinely take all the time that we need to understand your cutting, colouring and other treatment or styling needs, this includes taking your own unique look and lifestyle into consideration.

    Our commitment to training and on-going education means that your stylist will always have access to the most up-to-date techniques and very latest looks and styles.


No Cruelty

Natural Products:

HM Hair Design Group stocks and solely uses the Aveda product range

Whether you're looking for a Wet Cut, Style and Set, colouring, perming, the Head Masters Salons solely use the luxurious and natural Aveda product ranges.


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Invati Men

Shampoo removes build up and excess sebum that can clog pores and renews the scalp. The scalp revitalizer instantly thickens […]


Pramasana Trio

Treat your scalp with Aveda’s new Pramasana range. The scalp brush exfoliates the scalp to help loosen build up and […]


Aveda - No Cruelty to Animals

All Head Masters salons have undertaken a number of eco-friendly solutions, including tour disposable salon towels, which are thrown away when you leave the salon – no laundry, no excessive water usage and reduced energy consumption make this a perfect choice for our salons.

Head Masters salons are supporting Aveda’s No Cruelty to Animals mission.

Head Masters Hair Design Group are proud to be affiliated with Eco Heads

We also use EcoHeads in all of our salon shower heads. Each head contains tourmaline which helps to filter the water, removing the chlorine, sediment and dirt that accumulates in pipes. And because the water is cleaner, our clients hair is left feeling softer, smoother and silkier.