Head Masters Hair Design Group are delighted to extend the life of our customers’ hair colouring using the Aveda Colour Conserve product range. Expertly created using natural ingredients, Colour Conserve keeps hair colour vibrant for longer, leaving treated ahi feeling silky soft and protected from damage.

There are four colour conserve products in the Aveda range, a moisturising shampoo and conditioner that extend the vibrance of your hair colour and protects hair from the damaging effect of the sun. A daily colour protection cream helps to preserve hair colour for up to six weeks, while the strengthening treatment strengthens and seals hair from the inside out and protects it from UVA and UVB fading.

The Aveda Colour Conserve range of products is available at each of the four Head Masters salons, where you can also get expert styling and colour care advice for your hair.

Colour Conserve Shampoo


Gentle plant-infused shampoo, with naturally derived sun filters, extends the vibrancy of colour-treated hair as only nature can.

50 ml
250 ml
1 litre

Colour Conserve Conditioner


Plant-based conditioner seals hair cuticles to help lock in colour and shine with our 100% organic aroma.

50 ml
250 ml
1 litre

Colour Conserve Daily Colour Protect


Seals in colour to help protect from fadage to extend colour vibrancy. Featuring botanical UV filters while a blend of organic plant oils and humectants infuse hair with illuminating shine and moisture.

25 ml
100 ml

 Colour Conserve Strengthening Treatmentaveda-colour-conserve-colour-protect

An intense treatment that helps repair and protect colour-treated hair. Colour stays locked into the hair cuticle making it stay more vibrant for longer.

125 ml