Headmasters is delighted to be able to recommend the use of the Aveda Pure-Formance.

The Pure-Formance range is made up of five hair care products: a soothing shampoo and conditioner, thickening paste, grooming clay and cream, and Pure-Formance gel.

While developing the Invati range of hair care products, Aveda tapped into 5,000 years of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art from India. By consulting with the expert Ayurvedic Doctors Vinod and Kusum Upadhyay, Invati was formulated using turmeric and an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, which resulted in a 97% naturally derived and organic botanical system that reduces hair loss due to breakage.

The Head Masters Hair Design Group are pleased to offer advice on the Aveda Pure-Formance range of products throughout all of our salons. You can also buy your Pure-Formance supplies from all Headmasters Salons.

Pure-Formance Men’s Shampoo & Conditioner

Soothe and relieve the scalp while cleansing, conditioning and adding shine to the hair. 72% of men experienced a reduction in oiliness and greasiness after 2 weeks of using.



Pure-Formance Thickening Paste

Instantly thickens the look of hair, This 93% naturally derived paste thickens strands for a strong, defined look with the power of botanicals .



Pure-Formance Grooming Clay

Adds strong hold without adding shine for a matt finish. It’s lightweight micro-fibers provide the control needed for any style.


Pure-Formance Grooming Cream

Adds pliable hold and control while maintaining a natural look.



Pure-Formance Gel

Delivers maximum hold, control definition and shine without build-up or flaking.